Laser Cut

I fell in love with this jacket because of the laser cut detail along the bottom of it.  It’s a very versatile piece.  It could be worn with a dress or worn with a pair of jeans for a casual night out.   I chose to wear it with a pair of jeans.  I found these jeans at Zara  and are one of most comfortable pair of jeans I have bought in a while.  There is a small amount of distressing on them and they arealso mid rise, which is perfect for those of us who have stuff to hide!!    I found these lace up flats at Target.  They were one of those purchases that when you are in hurry and as you are running out the door you quicklythrow them in your cart because they are cute and you just have to have them!! ( I am guiltyof that frequently.) I bought my normal size 9 and wished I had sized up a half size, but that does not keep me from wearing them.  I love the lace up trend in shoes for the spring and will be wearing these shoes frequently.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great Tuesday.  My days is going to be spent working a 12 hour shift at the hospital.