Spring Trends!!

Spring time, one of my most favorite times of the year!!!    I love seeing the flowers blooming, the fresh air, and also newness of life.   I also love being able to wear sandals once again with out freezing my toes off!! I love the pastels, floral’sand the bright, in your face colors that are once again in the stores.  Do not get me wrong, I still love my neutral colored clothing and always will.  But add some color to your outfit and itcan give you a whole new look!!

                 I am linking some of my favorite spring trends today from Nordstrom.  I love shopping from Nordstrom although I do not believe i have ever been in one.  One of these days that will change!!    Almost all of my shopping is done online, because going out shopping with my kids usually turns into a nightmare.  One thing I have come to love about online shopping from Nordstrom is that there is always free shipping and free returns!!  Cant go wrong there.

One spring trend I love this year is the lace up shoes and the block heels.  In my opinion you can never own to many shoes!! (my husband would tell you different:)

I am also linking one of my favorite bags below.  It is only $48 and is reversible and comes in several colors.  I own it in the taupe/pale pink color and use it all the time!!  The watch listed below is only $22 and is on my list of things to buy!!

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