How I Grew My Instagram Following

I started blogging in March of this year.   I had no idea what I was getting in for and still am constantly learning.  At the time I launched my blog, I had a little over 100 followers on Instagram and really had no idea how to grow my following. I saw other bloggers who had a large following and had no idea how they got to that point.   I was introduced to Julianna from Blush and Camo.  She is a fabulous blogger and haswrittena e-course on how to grow your Instagram.  She has grown hers to almost 30,000 followers in a little under 2 years!!  How amazing is that!!  Her course is filled with lots of colorful pictures, videos, andworksheets to help you grow your own Instagram following.  While I am no where near 30,000 followers, I have seen a increase in my following since implementing her strategies!!  My numbers are not growing at a fast pace but they have increased slowly.  If you would like to getyour hands on this e-course, you are in luck!!  Julianna is relaunching this course on August 19th.  Head over to her blog site Blush and Camo to obtain the course and grow your own Instagram.

While I do highly encourage this e-course and have been highly inspired by it, I do want to encourage you to not get caught up in the numbers. I know it is so easy to do and I have to work on that myself!!   We all are on different journeys and are all going to have different numbers.  We all are going to gain and loose followers and that is OK!!  I encourage to enjoy and interact with the ones you have, even if it is only 100 followers.  I also encourage you to develop relationshipswith the followers you have!! Be consistent at being you andfollowing your passions and don’t get caught up in the numbers.  Be yourself and do what you love and you will be amazed at what happens.  Thanks for stopping by!!

The dress I am wearing I recently purchased at Old Navy.  It is not available online at this point. I fell in love with it because of the floral print and also because it is a great dress to transition into fall!!  My booties I purchased at the Nordstrom sale and I can not stop wearing them.  They are linked on my previous post!!

Have a great week!!